SHPO Awards

As Snoqualmies, it is our duty, honor and responsibility to be the spiritual stewards of our sacred Snoqualmie Falls.  We gratefully honor those who have carried this work forward before us.  We pray a way is open for us going forward to continue to honor our teachings, our sacred places and for the strength to meet the challenges before us.

In 2020, the Snoqualmie Tribe’s work to preserve, protect and celebrate our Sacred Snoqualmie Falls, was honored and acknowledged by the State Historic Preservation Officers with an award to Lois Sweet Dorman, Chief Andy de los Angeles and Ray Mullen for career achievement.

“It’s an honor to have been part of this process for so long and the work that, not myself, but everybody else has put into doing this preserving the Falls in the name of the Snoqualmie People.”

Ray Mullen

Snoqualmie Tribal Elder

“The work is personable, our church is there.  Mount Si, Swing Rock and the Falls.”

Andy de los Angeles

Chief, Snoqualmie Tribe

“It is our honor and privilege to carry on this work handed down to us from our ancestors and our elders, and to prepare our children to continue this responsibility, for all people, for all time.  I thank the State Historic Preservation officers for this acknowledgement.”

Lois Sweet Dorman

Snoqualmie Tribal Elder

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