Letter of Intent

Sent by Helen Harvey on February 2nd, 1976

Proposed Findings

Dated April 26th, 1993

Final Determination

Document dated August 22nd, 1997

IBIA Appeal Summary

In 1997, the Tulalip Tribes appealed the Final Determination recognizing the Snoqualmie Indian Tribe as being Federally Recognized.

Secretary Declines to Reconsider

On October 6th, 1999, the Office of the Solicitor for the Department of the Interior officially notified Tulalip Tribes that it was declining to reconsider its determination that the Snoqualmie Tribe was Federally Recognized.

Recognition Documents

On this page, you can view a brief history of the Snoqualmie Tribe’s journey to becoming re-recognized by the Federal government by viewing some key primary documents. To the left are links to some of the primary documents from the Tribe’s petition for Federal recognition. Below are old news articles related to the Tribe’s efforts.

News Clips

Coverage of the Snoqualmie Tribe’s recognition efforts from the Seattle Times. Click on each headline to view a link to each article.

Snoqualmie Tribe Gets $25,000 from U.S. | 11.8.1988
Seattle Times article printed November 8th, 1988


Governor, Tribes Expect New Pact to Smooth | 8.3.1989
Tribe on Development: 'Enough' | 8.5.1990
Small State Tribes in Federal Twilight Zone | 1.19.1991
Waiting Game: Snoqualmies Fed Up With Recognition | 6.10.1991
Snoqualmies Fear BIA Decision Threatens Tribal Recognition | 7.8.1992
Tribe Recognition May Be Delayed | 7.3.1996
Seattle Times article printed July 3rd, 1996

Link: TRIBE_RECOGNITION_MAY_BE_DELAYED__Seattle_Times_The_WA___July_3_1996__pB2

Snoqualmies A Tribe Again | 8.23.1997
U.S. Government Prepares to Grant Snoqualmies | 11.25.1997
Snoqualmie Status Appealed - Tulalips Claim They Are the True Successors | 12.3.1997
Tulalips Dispute Official Recognition | 12.4.1997
Seattle Times article printed December 4th, 1997

Link: TULALIPS_DISPUTE_OFFICIAL_RECOGNITION__Seattle_Times_The_WA___December_4_1997__pB2

Focused on Future and Past - Snoqualmies Await | 9.3.1998
Tribe's Status Under Review | 12.31.1998
Seattle Times Article printed December 31st, 1998TRIBES_STATUS_UNDER_REVIEW__Seattle_Times_The_WA___December_31_1998__pB4
Snoqualmies' Claim Under Review | 5.28.1999
The Snoqualmies Win Another Round | 7.7.1999
Seattle Times article printed July 7th, 1999


Feds Grant Snoqualmies Legal Status as a Tribe | 10.6.1999
Tribal Status Opens Doors | 10.7.1999